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In our dashboard, you will select the files that have to be delivered and fill in the agreed-upon price.

Payment of the invoice

The client receives the payment link and then pays the invoice through Filepurch.


The client will then be directed to the download page and is able to download and use the deliverables.


The paid amount will be added to your balance and will be on your bank account within two business days.

Fair exchange

Clients pay sooner because they have to pay to get access to your deliverables.

Ease of payment

Clients have fewer details to fill in which leads to less postponing.

Access to files

Clients keep their access to the deliverables through the submitted download link.

Monitoring invoices

Automatic reminders to clients that have forgotten to pay the invoice.

How many days did you use to wait on the payment of an invoice:
Invoices of our clients are usually paid within (januari):

Your future ROI:
7× faster payment of your invoice

Tamara van Nierop

Content marketer at Tam Tam Communicatie

"Very easy to use. My client was satisfied with this fair exchange as well."

Rayn Berkhout

Creative director at One Army Film

"Top platform! I really recommend it!"


How GDPR-proof is Filepurch?
Is Filepurch GDPR-proof for privacy-sensitive documents such as legal and medical files?

Our privacy and security standards are compliant with the high level of personal data protection required by GDPR and the Dutch UAVG (Uitvoeringswet Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming). This means that we are suitable for securely processing and/or forwarding legal and medical files. Below you can learn more about our approach.

Where are your servers hosted?

To make sure we can offer the best and smoothest up-, download-, and payment experience to all of you, we have servers in the EU (The Netherlands and Ireland).

How are the servers protected?

Your files are encrypted when they are being transferred (TLS) and when they are stored (AES-256). Once your files are safely stored, they can only be accessed using the unique links sent to the recipient.

How long do the files stay on your server?

Your files can be deleted from our servers after an x amount of days or after an x amount of downloads. This depends on your needs.

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