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How does it work?

  Register your account and complete your profile.

Fill in your name and email, banking details, and the name of your company. Once you're all set up, you receive a verification e-mail.

  When you're ready to deliver work to a client, upload your deliverables.

Choose the files to upload and input the price your client agreed to.

  Your client submits a payment.

Your clients receives an email link to your work and is directed to Filepurch, where they can submit a payment. Once they've paid, they receive a email receipt for the transaction.

  Your client downloads your work.

Immediately after a payment is submitted, your client is directed from the payment page to download your work.

  View your balance in the Filepurch dashboard.

Once your client has paid, the amount is added to your balance of all your earnings through Filepurch.

  Transfer funds to your bank account whenever you want.

Whether you want your funds to hit your bank account after every client payment or just once a month, you can easily transfer your balance from Filepurch to your bank.

Discover how your clients can pay and download more easily

Your clients pay easier and earlier
Gone are the days of misplaced invoices, complicated bank transfers, messy checks and awkward payment reminders. Your clients simply pay through creditcard, Sofort, BCMC or iDeal. The clients of our current users are saving 5 minutes per payment.

You don't have to chase your clients
Your clients pay earlier, because they need your product to continue with their own project. The truth is that you products can only be downloaded after completing the payment. Our current users are saving 2 or 3 business days due to our method.

No more manual invoices with Excel or Word
After uploading your product, an e-mail is sent to your client with a link to the payment page. Your client completes the payment and automatically receives a receipt. Your receipts are provided with all the required details that you have entered in your profile. This saves you 5 minutes per invoice.

Storage space for your products
In case your clients lose your products, they can always download the products through the download link that they have received right after paying your invoice. If your client has lost the e-mail, you can resend the e-mail.

Tailor-made subscriptions
Depending on your needs, you can go for a subscription with a fixed monthly price, or for a free subscription with variable costs (5% per transaction).

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They came across a gap in the market and accidentally became entrepreneurs

"You upload your file, the customer can not download it until the money has been transferred. Not only artists use Koys invention. Every file that you create on your computer can be placed on Filepurch. Voice actors, consultants and journalists also use it."

Payment on delivery for freelancers

"Creative freelancers now only have to focus on what they are good at: making beautiful products. We give the freelancers the certainty they deserve: a guaranteed payment of their work. "