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Does this sound familiar to you?

Are you familiar with invoices that are paid late or never get paid at all. Do you have to send reminders, as a result?

First reminder, second reminder, and finally the last warning. Before you know it, you have lost a lot of time with the claiming of your well-earned money. This is a waste of your time.

We have the solution

Your incentive is earning money. The incentive of your client is getting your deliverables.

Our web app gives you the possibility to simultaneously exchange your documents with the payment of your client.

How does it work?

Register your account

Fill in your name and e-mail address. You will be directed to the dashboard. In the meanwhile we will send you a verification e-mail.

Decorate your profile

Fill in your personal details, banking details, and your company details, so you can start uploading.

Upload your deliverables

Choose the documents you want to deliver to your client and fill in the price of the project.

Client receives payment link

The client receives an e-mail with the information of the project and a link to the payment page.

Payment of the client

Your client pays through the desired payment method and gets a confirmation e-mail including a receipt for the administration.


In the meanwhile, your client will be directed to the download page after the payment, where your client has gets to the files.


All the payments will be added to your balance. In addition, you can see how much you have earned in the dashboard.


You can payout your balance whenever you want. After every payout request, the amount will be added on your bank account within two business days.

Payment methods

Customers receive an email with a link to the payment page and can pay directly with..

For who is it?

A selection of the type of businesses we serve and the type of files they deliver through Filepurch.






Financial reports

Voice actors

Voice overs


Corrected texts


Event photos




Marketing plans

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They came across a gap in the market and accidentally became entrepreneurs

"You upload your file, the customer can not download it until the money has been transferred. Not only artists use Koys invention. Every file that you create on your computer can be placed on Filepurch. Voice actors, consultants and journalists also use it."

Payment on delivery for freelancers

"Creative freelancers now only have to focus on what they are good at: making beautiful products. We give the freelancers the certainty they deserve: a guaranteed payment of their work. "


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0/ month

  • 2 GB storage space
  • 2 projects per month
  • Max. €1000 revenue per year
  • 5% mediation fee per transaction


25/ month

  • 10 GB storage space
  • 15 projects per month
  • Max. €5000 revenue per month
  • 0% mediation fee per transaction