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It's simple, but effective. Your finished work is uploaded to Filepurch. Then when a client wants to download it, they first have to make the agree-upon payment through our secure system.

How does it work?

  Register your account and complete your profile.

Fill in your name and email, banking details, and the name of your company. Once you're all set up, you receive a verification e-mail.

  When you're ready to deliver work to a client, upload your deliverables.

Choose the files to upload and input the price your client agreed to.

  Your client submits a payment.

Your clients receives an email link to your work and is directed to Filepurch, where they can submit a payment. Once they've paid, they receive a email receipt for the transaction.

  Your client downloads your work.

Immediately after a payment is submitted, your client is directed from the payment page to download your work.

  View your balance in the Filepurch dashboard.

Once your client has paid, the amount is added to your balance of all your earnings through Filepurch.

  Transfer funds to your bank account whenever you want.

Whether you want your funds to hit your bank account after every client payment or just once a month, you can easily transfer your balance from Filepurch to your bank.


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