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The A Platform Easing Awkward Freelance-Client Interactions

18-07-2018, 07:00 AM (CET)
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July 12, 2018, Rotterdam, Netherlands — Freelancers might get to avoid awkward watercooler conversations with colleagues, but they do have to deal with something much more uncomfortable: repeatedly asking their clients to pay invoices. But now with Filepurch, a leading freelance payment platform, that’s a problem of the past.

“Gone are the days of misplaced invoices, complicated bank transfers, messy checks and awkward payment reminders,” former freelancer and Filepurch CEO, Jonathan Koy, explained.

“With Filepurch, the freelancer simply uploads their finished project into the platform and fills in the agreed upon compensation. The client immediately gets an email which directs them to pay and download the work with just a few clicks,” Koy continued. “It’s quicker and easier for everyone involved.”

Filepurch is closing a huge gap in the market — recent research revealing 80-percent of freelancers are faced with clients who pay invoices late or not at all. In fact, the average time for a client to pay-out their freelancer hovers around three months.

Now, less than a year after their international beta launch, Filepurch is making the exchange of work and payment virtually simultaneous for hundreds of contractors and their clients globally.

“After I almost went bankrupt when a client didn’t pay me, I began speaking with other entrepreneurs about their experiences. It turned out this problem was much bigger than I thought,” Filepurch CEO Jonathan Koy, a former freelancer, explained. “I quickly got the idea that something had to be done about this, and now we’re here helping freelancers all over the world.”

Today, Filepurch is being used by more than 1200 freelancers and clients across the globe resulting in timely payments of over $5000. To learn more about how Filepurch is empowering freelancers and streamlining the contractor-client relationship, visit

About Filepurch
Filepurch is a leading freelance payment platform, making the exchange of work and payment virtually simultaneous. By prompting clients to pay for freelance work before download, Filepurch incentivises timely payments. Freelancers can now benefit from being paid for their work upon completion and clients can make quick, easy payments without the need for invoices, checks or bank transfers.

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