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We believe in freelancers. Because we are freelancers.

We started Filepurch because we were frustrated by having to remind clients over and over to pay us for work we'd already delivered.

So, we decided to engineer a solution: A simple, user-friendly web app that makes the exchange of work and payment virtually simultaneous, incentivizing clients to pay promptly.

Since we launched in January 2018, hundreds of freelancers from all over the world have already started getting paid on time, every time with Filepurch.

Kevin & Jonathan | © Kimberly Dias

Our vision

We want Filepurch to be accessible to every creative freelancer who's ever thought, "I wonder when I'll finally get paid." And ultimately, we want Filepurch to help create a world that values and respects freelancers' time, energy, and creative work.

Our mission

It's not complicated: Filepurch aims to be the creative freelancer's financial ally, helping you get paid for your work as soon as possible--so you can spend more time doing what you do and less time worrying about getting paid.