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Filepurch is founded and based on the proposition that every entrepreneur should be able to realize a fast payment of the invoice, with the final intention to create a better cash flow. We, Jonathan Koy and Kevin Schenkers (founders of Filepurch), ran into the same problem: cash flow problems because of late payments or projects that were not being paid at all.

When analysing this problem, it appeared that we were in close contact with this type of clients about their wishes and demands in the starting phase. The contact diminished after sending the deliverables including the invoices. The invoices were overlooked or clients could not be reached.

That’s why we decided to see if we could introduce a way that would enable a fair exchange with our clients. This worked for us and is now being used by 1000+ entrepreneurs who use this solution to solve their challenges.

Our mission

We are convinced that one day every invoice will be paid within one second. Our mission is to increase the speed of the worldwide payment of invoices. Completing this mission helps entrepreneurs to invest in the growth of their company without concerns.

Our vision

Developing smart solutions that can stimulate clients of entrepreneurs to accelerate the payment of the invoices. Our fair exchange functionality is one of those solutions.