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Kevin & Jonathan | © Kimberly Dias

The idea for Filepurch comes from one of the founders: Jonathan Koy. He worked as a freelancer for years. Through payments that were on time he could not only invest in his business, but also expand it. At the end of the year 2014, he started with an assignment that he worked on for a quarter. After invoicing, the payment remained unpaid, even though the client started using Koy's product. It had devastating consequences for his business. When he talked about it with other entrepreneurs, it turned out that many more people experienced this problem. Koy found a partner and CTO in Kevin Schenkers and Filepurch was born.

It's simple, but effective. Your finished work is uploaded to Filepurch. Then when a client wants to download it, they first have to make the agree-upon payment through our secure system.

Kevin & Jonathan | © Kimberly Dias


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They came across a gap in the market and accidentally became entrepreneurs

"You upload your file, the customer can not download it until the money has been transferred. Not only artists use Koys invention. Every file that you create on your computer can be placed on Filepurch. Voice actors, consultants and journalists also use it."

Payment on delivery for freelancers

"Creative freelancers now only have to focus on what they are good at: making beautiful products. We give the freelancers the certainty they deserve: a guaranteed payment of their work. "

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